Advanced Senior Care recognizes National Healthcare Quality Week

October 15th -21st – Mid-Missouri Healthcare providers and staff at Advanced Senior Care (ASC) would like to proudly recognize the Just Better Care facility and staff relationships that we have the privilege of working with across Mid-Missouri.  We also would like to acknowledge the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and those they serve around the country in celebrating Healthcare Quality Week, October 15-21.

This week brings greater focus and attention for those genuinely interested in a healthcare quality profession and the contributions and impact these professionals make in their organizations, communities, and one patient at a time.  We SALUTE other professionals who have a similar heart to us at ASC… and strive to continuously ask:  How can we provide Just Better Care every day and in every way?

When asked what this looked like today at Advanced Senior Care, Co-founders Brad Beaird and Dr. Jerry Bruggeman were very passionate, thoughtful, and concise as they responded:

“At ASC, quality has always been a foundation of our delivery of care.  Now more than ever, however, we see the importance of continuing to be a good steward of our healthcare resources.  Our  core purpose of providing Just Better Care is focused on what is genuinely best for the patient, family, and facilities in meeting their goals of care,” according to Beaird.

Dr. Bruggeman provided the heartfelt Purpose of these initiatives and how they playout each day with the following 5 points:

  1. “We start with team members who care about our patients, their loved ones, our colleagues working in long term care, and each other. We believe that care flows from us, and it is contagious… our ASC team members are like-minded in their commitment to others.  Our team members have “bought in” to the pursuit of quality, satisfaction and excellence.
  2. We expect better care of ourselves and our affiliates. Thus, we judge our outcomes against the highest standards and quality measures. We, at ASC, have surrounded ourselves with individuals and organizations of excellence and we continue to learn from each other daily.
  3. We believe in availability and accessibility. We have worked very hard to be responsive to the needs of our patients and long- term care staff 24 hours per day. And, we strive to be there for our patients as often, and as quickly as necessary, to provide the best care possible.
  4. We treat our patients as we would want our family treated.  This translates into individualized, tailored, person-centered care.
  5. We embrace technology to communicate with caregivers and associates as quickly as possible.  Our access to electronic medical records is second to none in mid-Missouri.”

Are you interested in our ASC heart |mantra of Just Better Care?  Feel free to check out, share and discuss a few of these blog/video/article posts:

Please visit our website for more information, , or contact us through the numbers and various ways shown there.

More information:Here too are some links of resources that the National Association for Healthcare Quality provide that might assist you and your like-minded teammates:
There are three complimentary webinars during this week that will offer CPHQ CE credit, during the week:
October 17 from 12-1 pm CDT: Insights into the Future of Healthcare Quality
October 18 from 12-12:30 pm CDT: How to Market Yourself as a Healthcare Quality Professional 
October 19 from 12:30-1 pm CDT: How to Effectively Communicate to C-Suite Executives
These webinars are open to all. For more information and to register, visit their Webinars page
Promote Healthcare Quality Week?  Visit learn about ways that you and your organization can help promote Healthcare Quality Week.   Website for National Association for Healthcare Quality?

Advanced Senior Care, Inc. – ASC is headquartered in Columbia, MO and serves as the medical providers for 50+ Mid-Missouri LTC, ALF, SNF facilities and their patients with a heart for Just Better Care.